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Postpartum Chiropractic Care in Parsippany, NJ

Often times when moms give birth, all of the attention immediately goes to the newborn baby. But what about your body that just carried a child for 9 months, went through extreme changes, had its ligaments relaxed & is now crouching over a crib and carrying a baby on its hip?! Not to mention a delivery that surely wacked your spine and pelvis out of alignment.

Postpartum is an overwhelming time for moms — the last thing you need is to have a blocked nervous system, pain + discomfort. That's where postpartum chiropractic comes in.


During your first visit to The Nest — Family, Pediatric + Prenatal Chiropractic following birth, we will take X-rays to see the alignment of your spine. Upon review, we will go over a care plan for frequency of recommended chiropractic adjustments to realign your spine and pelvis according to your specific needs and ensure that you have a clear nervous system to help alleviate symptoms of pain, discomfort and even mental health struggles — so you can spend less time feeling the negative effects of postpartum and more time enjoying motherhood.

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