What They’re Saying

Drs. Jesse and Erin are so patient and kind. They are a wealth of knowledge and it is easy to see the love and compassion they have for kiddos. Not only do they leave you with a better image of health, but also a better vision of life revolving around wellness! Highly recommend them!

Shelby M

Dr. Jesse and Dr. Erin are amazing! They’ve gone above and beyond to gather all of the tools necessary to be experts with kiddos and pregnant moms alike. A very, very trustworthy and genuine couple!

Andy H

Dr. Erin Ventoso gave the most intentional chiropractic care I have ever received. You can feel her love for her patients and she is so passionate about what she does. I experienced relief from seizures and migraines with her gentle and specific chiropractic adjustments. Her care helped me more than anything else I had tried before!
Both Dr. Erin and Dr. Jesse have such clear communication, and you will know that you are receiving the best care possible when you visit their office. They always keep themselves busy with conferences and training on how to better serve their patients. They are so much fun and can put and parent or child that walks into their office at ease. New Jersey is lucky to have them!!

Makenzie S

I have had the pleasure of being adjusted by Dr. Erin and it was amazing. I struggle with a pretty aggressive anxiety disorder and OCD... and that initial adjustment rocked my world! I hadn’t remembered what it felt like being free of anxious-obsessions, worries, chest tightness and racing thoughts. I was in awe all day and days after of how at ease I felt, mind and body. I felt like I was inside my own body and mind again. I felt like myself.
Dr. Erin explained every step she was taking and if I felt nervous or unsure, she let me have a minute to collect myself before she started again. So understanding, receptive and gentle. 

Thank you so much. It is apparent you have put in so much time to perfect this craft of yours. I see chiropractic in a whole new light. 

You will not regret choosing this practice!!!

Evie G