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New Year, New You: Colds & Flu

Cold and flu season? More like lack of adaptability season! We are well into what we know as "cold and flu season," but what does that really mean? Obviously, eating right, exercising regularly, getting plenty of sleep — and of course, washing your hands frequently — are keys to staying healthy all year long. But did you know that chiropractic care is just as important? If the common cold is truly the epidemic that it is made out to be, how come every single person who comes in contact with someone who is sick doesn’t always get sick themselves? The answer is simple: If someone’s immune system is weak, their body is unable to properly adapt to viruses and fight off bacteria and germs. So where does chiropractic fit into all of this?

One study in The Chiropractic Journal found that those who received regular chiropractic adjustments had a 200% to 400% stronger immune system than those who had no chiropractic adjustments. Why? Because the immune system is made up of a number of organs and systems in the body such as the liver, spleen and lymphatic drainage system. If there is a disconnect or subluxation in the spine that's putting pressure on the nerves that run these parts of the body, then the immune system is blocked from functioning at its best. As a chiropractor, my mission is to detect and clear out those subluxations so that the body and immune system can work at their optimal potential and keep us healthy all year long.

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